3-part Timeline

Below is a 3-part timeline showing a Biblical worldview.

Bible timeline

Bible timeline

Step outside of our Church Age time frame and try to see the big picture from God’s view, ‘the whole parade at once.’

First of all, Adam and Eve were totally innocent.  Not ‘born in sin’ like we are.  They failed to obey.

Then the pre-flood world lived by their conscience only.  Everyone equal.  They certainly failed there.

Next, God made the Jews and gave them His Law.  He set them apart from all other groups so His awesomeness could be seen in His relationship to them to be a witness to the world.  They failed to obey.

God then created the Church and gave us EVERYTHING: eternal salvation with NO obedience required.  Just trust Him by faith.  How are we doing?

And finally in the Millennium, Jesus Himself will PHYSICALLY rule the world from Jerusalem. Due to His ‘rod of iron’ style of leadership, there will be outward obedience from everyone.  Very, very few sin problems worldwide.  Is that enough for mankind to succeed?  No.  We know the Millennium ends with a great rebellion once Satan is released.

So He’s proven over and over and over again that no matter what circumstances/environment we’re in, we cannot ever qualify on our own.

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