Acts Transition

Is Acts a transition from what Jesus preached to what Paul preached?

Does it contain our gospel of salvation by faith alone?

It is extremely important to divide the Bible properly — and Acts is the key! There are a growing number of people who are aware of this fact, which is thrilling to me, yet they continue to get this very important book wrong.

So I’ll take another stab at a visual explanation here, hoping to spark an interest in a seeking soul!!

Here’s the legend:

First of all, this is NOT the timeline:

The church that began in Acts 2 was still under the GK/R, not our GFA.


There it is. We, the sealed Body of Christ are NOT mentioned in Acts. Why? Because we don’t exist yet! The above ‘church’ is exactly what they’re saying it is: believing Gentiles accepted under the GK/R that prior to Acts 2 was for the Jews only.

Let’s continue.

It is imperative that you check out the above two (*) charts. Once you’ve done that, the following ones will make sense.

Acts Transistion


You will find many Christian authors who’ll write books trying to explain away the obvious differences between what Paul says and what the other Biblical authors say. Though I’m sure they mean well, they’re wrong. Paul IS saying something different because WE ARE different!

The Bible is set up to show us this difference via the timeline it follows.

Acts Transition

Acts Transition

Kingdom of God

So, in summary, there is NO transition in Acts. It’s simply this: Since Paul didn’t sign that book, it’s not ours. It doesn’t contain our gospel of salvation by faith alone due to the indwelling Holy Spirit.

I would also recommend you watch the video Denominational Downfalls. It’s the final icing on the cake for getting Acts right!