Before You Leave…

Just some quick thoughts to ponder before you leave.

  • Do you believe Christians living today have eternal security (ES)? I sure do!  If you do too —
    • Why? Look up the verses that support your belief.  They’re there!  Write them down.
    • Now notice the books they’re in. Genesis?  Matthew?  How about Hebrews and James?  No to all the above.  There might be verses describing salvation in those books, but not confirming ES.  (In fact, there will be the opposite in some!)  Are you taking those truths written to us and applying them outside the Church Age (like most of your commentaries do)?
    • If you are, then we need to go back to those verses you just looked up. Why do you think we have all those assurances of ES?  Is it because ‘I found the verses so they must apply to everyone of all time because God never changes’?   Read Through Church Colored Glasses for more info.
    • I propose to you that the promise of ES is only found in Paul’s epistles to us because it’s ONLY TO US.
Why, you say?
    • First of all, my short-short answer is that that guarantee can only be given now because for the first time EVER the Holy Spirit is sealed within believers. My semi-short answer is on the Eternal Security tab.  
    • And knowing we (CA believers) are unique due to the INTERNAL action by the Holy Spirit in this age only should make you wonder why we apply it across the board.  
Let’s look outside the CA and check out some examples…
    • Adam and Eve believed God – they saw Him all the time!! Why were they kicked out of Eden?  Lack of faith?   How about due to not accepting Jesus as Savior?  No.  Their faith was not an issue; it was their disobedience of God’s commandment to them.
    • Also, did Noah simply need to have faith in God? (Remember, God spoke to him and gave him instructions on how to build the ark.)  Or did he need to put his faith in action and obey God’s command and actually BUILD the ark?
    • Though it’s true that the first Passover/last plague in Egypt (Exodus 12) beautifully portrayed Jesus’ sacrifice for all mankind, were the firstborn males saved by looking forward to Jesus’ death on the cross for their sin, or would the firstborn sons die if their families didn’t OBEY and put the blood of the lamb on their doorposts?  
    • And check out the Holy Spirit’s role in lives of Saul, Israel’s first king, and David, their second king. You’ll see it’s not the same as ours. (Hint:  NO indwelling, never-to-depart Holy Spirit.)
New Testament/Church Age
  • Do you think Jesus is talking about the Church Age in Matthew 5 & 6, the Sermon on the Mount? Look closer. Is entrance into that kingdom obtained by believing what Paul says is the Gospel in 1 Corinthians 15?  No.  Jesus is not talking about the CA.  Matthew is entirely Jewish; not for us doctrinally.
  • No ES in the Tribulation where taking the mark damns you regardless of your beliefs.
  • Look at the judgments and parables in Matthew 24 & 25 that follow the end of the Tribulation. Read those chapters as written – to the Jews at the end of THEIR age concerning entrance into their kingdom – not to the Church regarding the Rapture!
  • (Here goes the one that’s hard to swallow….) Do you see ‘by grace alone through faith alone’ in Jesus’ parables, in Hebrews, in James, in Revelation?   It’s faith with action testifying to that faith (obedience); faith maintained with perseverance.  They are OUTSIDE the Church Age!
  • Hebrews 11 is fascinating if you actually read it. No confusion on ‘the cloud of witnesses’! (Check out The New Covenant .)
Do you like visuals? Check out Daniel’s Chart and the Timeline.
  • If you DON’T believe we Church Age Christians have ES, then your ‘proof texts’ are probably found outside Paul’s epistles of Romans through Philemon.  Hebrews and on are NOT to us!  (Even if Paul did write Hebrews – and it’s possible he did – think about this.   The Holy Spirit made sure that his name didn’t get attached to it.  Why?  Read Why Hebrews is Unsigned.)
    • The Bible rightly divided is NOT Old Testament Jews and New Testament Church Age! Check out the Book tab and see for yourself!