Book: So You Missed The Rapture UPDATE: A Letter to My Friends Who Remain

The below two-part PDF will look somewhat different than the book on Amazon.  I have made changes and updates here since the date of publishing.  So if you’ve downloaded this before 1/11/18, please pitch that and download these instead, free of charge!


So You UP pt 2

Please read the short Introduction in Part 1 for some important information.  Thanks! 

[FYI:  I made an error in the original book available at Amazon.  In the Synoptic Gospels article I called Acts a transition, and now believe that to be wrong.  I’ve corrected that error on the PDFs and here on the site.  Getting Acts right is vital — see Denominational Downfalls for one of the reasons!]

NOTE:  There are MANY more articles on this site that aren’t in the book which I add to almost weekly so take some time and browse.  There’s charts and videos here, too!  Check out the Comments/Questions tab to read a book review

God bless you as together we seek to better understand His Word.

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