Cheat Sheet Chart

A quick and easy cheat sheet to clarify the difference in the ages.

Eternal Security

Here’s a quote from my book.

It’s from Timothy Morton’s book, free on his website.

In summary, salvation under the Law was fundamentally different from our’s today. Then, faith backed by works were required; today, faith alone is sufficient. Then, nothing spiritual happened inside a believer; today, many things happen. Then, salvation was only decreed on credit; today, it is internally and spiritually applied. Then, believers didn’t go to heaven when they died; today, all believers go there. Then, the Holy Spirit did not permanently indwell and seal believers; today, He does both. etc. etc. Do you now see the fallacy of those who claim salvation in every age is the same? It is not even the same between different dispensations in the Old Testament, let alone the same as today’s.

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