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Daniel's 70 Week Prophecy

Background Info on Daniel’s Chart

On my book tab, you’ll find my free downloadable book. Check it out to get the basics on this marvelous prophecy.  The last seven years, “Daniel’s 70th Week,” is still future.  It hasn’t occurred yet due to Christ’s rejection and the introduction of the Church Age. 

Though it seems odd to have such a large gap in this prophecy, this is the right understanding.  God is not finished with the Jews, as the ‘already-fulfilled’ folks believe.  The Millennium is still to come where the (remnant of the) Jews will repent, ask for Jesus to come save them and lead them into that Kingdom.

From PreceptAustin in Chapter 6 of my book:

  1. PreceptAustin.org we see another way of stating the same thing:

David Guzik states:  We can think of it in this way: God has appointed 490 years of special focus on Israel in His redemptive plan. The years were “paused” by Israel’s rejection of Jesus. Now there is no special focus on Israel in God’s redemptive plan because this is the time of the church. God’s focus will return to Israel when the church is taken away (at the rapture) and the last seven years of man’s rule on this earth begin.