Eternal Security

Do you believe in eternal security? Do you believe that once we trust Jesus as our Savior that we cannot under any circumstance lose our salvation?

This actually can be a pretty touchy subject among believers so I hope you’ll hear me out and then research it for yourself.

If you do an internet search on OSAS (once saved always saved), you’ll come across websites on both sides of the debate. The interesting thing is both sides use Scripture to defend their beliefs. Are some people misquoting or reading these verses out of context? Some might be, but overall, the verses are there; they say what they say.

How can that be?

The very short answer is they’re both right. Eternal security is for believers in the Church Age only. All OSAS verses are from Paul to us. Go outside the Church Age and you can be saved but you have no INDWELLING Holy Spirit guaranteeing your inheritance. We, on the other hand, are sealed, regenerated, and redeemed by an INTERNAL action of the Holy Spirit – not found in any other time.

Check out this site, beginning with the home page. Give it time and prayer. Remember, you’ve had a lifetime of accepting one way (either eternal security to everyone or eternal security to no one, depending on what you currently believe) so it might not be instantaneous. Then again, it might! God will guide us whenever we truly seek His face.

As the Day draws near,