Why is the book of James so misunderstood?  Why do we find ourselves continually saying, “Oh, I know it says that, but what it really means is…”???

Because we’re trying to apply it doctrinally to us when, in fact, it’s for the Jews in the Tribulation!

In the same respect, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are not to us doctrinally


Below is a chart showing the direct connection between the book of James and the Synoptic Gospels (SG).  The entire book of James is on the left.  On the right are the SG verses/references.  Check it out.  Once you get the right perspective, it’s amazing how the Bible fits together – without trying to reword it! 


I’m sure there are more references, but this should get you started. 

There is a correct way to rightly divide Scripture.  I know everyone of every belief system uses that term, but it’s still true, nonetheless.  When there’s no dividing, you get chaos.  If everything directly applied to every one of all times, you get major contradictions.  So no dividing is out.

Incorrect dividing is obviously quite common.  I did it for many, many years.  I assumed, and was taught, that the entire NT is for the Church and about the Church.  It’s not.  There are probably numerous ways others divide the NT.  Most are clearly wrong.  Others are harder to spot.  

Church Age doctrine is found only in Paul’s epistles. James is for the Jews outside our time frame.

Additional Help

Check out Synoptic Gospels for a very detailed look into Matthew, Mark, and Luke; The New Covenant for a breakdown of Hebrews; and No Contradictions for a look into Revelation.

Let’s start rightly dividing the Bible in the short time we have remaining!