Rapture Scenarios

Many Rapture scenarios are out there, but only one works.  

Good news:  you don’t even need to do a word study in Revelation to figure it out!

Rapture Scenarios:

chart1Daniel 9:24-27 is a 70-week (490 year) prophecy about the Jews and Jerusalem.  Its final week (7 years) is what we call the Tribulation.  

The first 69 weeks (483 years) concluded when Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday (Matthew 21, Mark 11, Luke 19, John 12), offering to the Jews their long-awaited kingdom with Himself as its King.

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Since the Jewish leadership rejected His offer, the prophecy clock paused and the final week (7 years) was postponed, but it will pick back up again when the Antichrist confirms a/the covenant [not necessarily a peace treaty!] with the Jews in Daniel 9:27.

See Daniel’s Chart.

God will focus back on the Jews in the Tribulation.  He cannot have the Church and the Jews together.

See Timeline.

Rapture timing

(Beige segments are times when God’s dealing directly with Israel.  Purple segments are times when God’s dealing directly with His other special people group, the Church.  These groups must remain separate until the Kingdom/Millennium when the Church will be sinless.)

 The Jews are God’s Chosen People.  Back in the OT you see many references to the Kingdom God promised them.  They truly looked forward to it:  Israel lifted above all other nations, the Messiah ruling the world from Israel, etc.  When you get to the NT, you see they, as a people, rejected Jesus’ offer.   Of course, individuals believed but since the nation as a whole (through the misguidance of their leaders) rejected Him, this promised Kingdom was postponed.  Not revoked, because that would make God a liar.  Jesus came saying “The Kingdom is at hand.”  Though they wanted the Kingdom, they didn’t want Jesus.  You can’t have a Kingdom without its King!

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