Salvation is Simple


What is salvation?

God is perfect and holy.  I’ve sinned and, therefore, am neither of those.    

  • I cannot be with God when I die because He cannot be in the presence of sin due to His being holy. 
  • I cannot fix my sin problem because I’m already guilty before Him.  I’m lost on my own, hopeless and helpless. 

But Jesus has already paid the price God demanded to ‘clear my name.’ 

So …  

One, I can spend eternity separated from God in the lake of fire simply by disregarding the fact that Jesus already paid for my sin by taking it upon Himself. 

Or, two, I can spend forever in His presence by believing that Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection satisfied God’s wrath/requirement for my sin problem.  He did it all.  All I have to do is trust that He did what I could not. 


For us (Church Age believers).



Has God drawn you to Himself?

Tell Him you know what He did for you.  Ask Him to save you.  Something like this:  Jesus, I know You died for me.  Your sacrifice on my behalf saved me from a horrible eternity away from You.  I have no way to save myself.  I was lost until You showed me the way.  I believe what You did for me opened the door to heaven that had previously been locked.  I trust You with my eternal soul.  Thank You for forgiving my sin and saving me, Lord.  Help me to now live for You purely out of gratitude.


Remember, words don’t save you.  Jesus does.  Just talk to Him from your heart.  You don’t need to know all the details. 


Wanna learn and grow?

I’d suggest reading Ephesians to get you started.  It focusses on where believers today stand and what we should be doing out of gratitude!

Don’t put it off.  Ask Him now!