September 23rd

NOTE:  Though 9/23/17 is over, I’m leaving this article up so you can look through the information and hopefully see that relating us, the sealed Church, in with Israel as part of the Feasts program God has with them is wrong.  Acts 2 Pentecost is not our beginning.  The Feast of Trumpets will not be the Rapture.  Take a look and see…  


There’s lots of chatter on YouTube about September 23rd, 2017.  Have you seen it?


I know 3 ½ years ago when they were saying 9/23/17 was the midpoint of the Tribulation, I was all over it.  “Yay, we’re going home soon!”  Well, since that time has come and gone and we’re still here, obviously they were wrong.  So now they’re saying that sign in the heavens (Revelation 12) that will appear on the Feast of Trumpets, which this year is on 9/23, marks the Rapture of the Church, and not the midpoint of the Tribulation. 

Well, hopefully I’ve grown in my understanding since 3 ½ years ago — because I no longer believe what they’re saying is true! 

But don’t get me wrong.  The Feast of Trumpets is, indeed, a key piece of prophecy. 

But if you have the wrong foundation, you’ll apply it to the wrong event!!


If you start by rightly dividing the Bible, all these things fall into their proper place.

Get the right foundation:

See the Home page, Faulty Foundation, and/or its VIDEO.


Then there will be no confusion on where to place Matthew 24 and terms like “No man knows the day nor hour” and “Thief in the night”:

See Days of Noah I and Days of Noah II.

Matthew 25’s parable on the 10 virgins is about the Return, not the Rapture.  It is about the Jewish Bride, not the (Church) Body of Christ.

  • So it’s not Feast of Trumpets/Matt. 24/Rapture/Church.
  • It’s Feast of Trumpets/Matt. 24/Return/Bride!

See Kingdom of God and Who’s the Bride?


Then you’ll apply the Feast of Trumpets to the right event:

See Feasts Update From Book on this site for the new charts and info.

If you have time, please read these articles and pray about this stuff, and kindly consider sharing this info.  Maybe you’ll be the one to broaden our visibility – you, my co-member in the Body of Christ!  Let’s work together for His glory!


May He come soon.