Study For Others?

Time is short, folks. I’ll get right to the point.  Why study for others?
If you’re of the mindset (as I once was) that after the Rapture those who are left behind that become believers will have eternal security as we do, please…

…study this topic for yourself!

It seems we blindly believe everything our well published Christian authors tell us. I’m not saying they are trying to deceive us. I’m saying check it out for yourself! What does God’s Word say about the Church Age? Are we unique? How so? Will the Tribulation believers enjoy the same promises that we have?

…study for others!

I’m well aware that studying Tribulation times won’t affect us – we’ll be gone – but it WILL affect those you love who are left behind. We know many will turn to Jesus at that time but what about your friends and family? Will they begin this time with TWO strikes against them? The first being the God-sent delusion in 2 Thessalonians 2:11 and the second being the unstudied half-truths you told them while we were here?

Please go to the Book tab and download “So You Missed the Rapture: A Letter to My Friends Who Remain.”

My goal with this book is to show that if we understand the basics (who are the Jews, the Gentiles, the Church) and follow the path that Daniel 9:24-27 puts us on (what ‘age’ the Tribulation is in), then the more controversial passages (like Matthew 24 & 25, Luke 19:35-44, James 2, Revelation 14:11 and others) will all make sense. We can then see the whole picture.

Chapter titles are:

Where’d They Go?
Let’s Not Begin at the End
Old Testament Basics
Daniel Holds the Key
Understanding the Kingdom
What Do Matthew and Luke Have To Say About Daniel?
Taking It One Step Further
Let’s Look at James
More on the Differences
Kingdom Part II
The Feasts of the Lord


1 List of Good Reads
2 The Window of Time chart
3 Brief Witnessing Tool
4 Brief Witnessing Tool
5 Brief Witnessing Tool
6 Daniel “Do-At-Home” Worksheet

The book is written as if we, the Church, have already been raptured.

Here’s part of Chapter 4:

Summarizing Daniel 9:24-27, we see it gives the Jews the parameters of a window of time that must be completed before they’ll arrive at their promised Kingdom. The duration of that time frame was/is only 490 years, or 70 weeks of 7 years. The clock started in 444/445 BC when Nehemiah and the Jews that returned from the Babylonian captivity began rebuilding Jerusalem and its walls. The clock kept ticking until Jesus rode into Jerusalem at His Triumphal Entry exactly 483 years later. Well, that’s 7 years shy of the 490. It’s only 69 of the 70 weeks, right? Yes. What happened? Why did the clock stop? (Or pause, I should say.) Read the passage. Because the Jews rejected their Messiah. Because of this, 1) Jesus would be crucified and 2) those events in Luke 19 would now come to pass. (Which happened in 70 AD.)

(In Chapter 6 you’ll see how Daniel 9, Luke 19 and Matthew 24 connect.)

Remember that God stopped/paused His prophetic clock after the 69th week when Jesus was rejected. We, the Church, were in this pause period. It’s very clear in the NT. In the Church Age, SAVED Jews and Gentiles were NOT saved Jews and Gentiles, but THE CHURCH. We were one body. Very unique concept, obviously, only for the CA. (Why only for the Church Age, you say? Because there is no Church in any other age!)

When that prophetic clock resumes its ticking (by the confirming of the covenant by the Antichrist in Daniel 9:27), God picks back up right where He left off WITH THE JEWS – that final week of Daniel’s 70 week prophecy.

And here’s a brief section in Chapter 8:

We’d do well to remember that the Bible is fundamentally a Jewish book: Jewish history, Jewish nation, Jewish Law, Jewish land, Jewish Messiah, Jewish Kingdom, etc. We, the Church, are literally an interruption in that Jewish timeline. Now, don’t get me wrong. We aren’t an afterthought or an oops. God doesn’t have those. We were in His plan from the beginning. Remember He chose the Jews for the purpose of bringing salvation to the Gentiles. The Church is largely Gentile.

So through our Church-colored glasses, we tend to see the above timeline like this: Old Testament (OT) is for the Jews, New Testament (NT) is for the Church. Though that’s generally true, it’s not exactly right.

When the NT opened, we see John the Baptist and Jesus arriving on scene. They are both preaching the same thing: Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near. And that was so very true: Jesus, literally Himself as its Messiah and the actual physical earthly Kingdom he would rule over. This Kingdom is exactly what the Jews were waiting for, yet we see they rejected Him. We must remember, though, that doesn’t mean God’s finished with the Jews. He’s not. He still has promises yet unfulfilled to them. All the verses about their coming Kingdom (in the Old Testament and in the Gospels) were merely postponed, not annulled, mentioned in Chapter 4.

So back to our timeline, only with the proper glasses on now! When the NT opens, Jesus is talking (in the Gospels) to the Jews about the Jews and their coming Kingdom. We, in the CA, are just a parenthetical. We have a start (Acts 26:16) and an ending (Rapture). Once we left, the timeline went right back to the Jewish mindset so Daniel 9:27 can occur.

So if there was ever a time to prayerfully and whole-heartedly study God’s Word, it’s now.  Even if you just want to study for others!

God bless,