The Next Steps

Let’s follow unbelieving Mr. Green as he steps into the Tribulation.

Tribulation salvation


….Church Age believer, do you see what we have?!?!?  Do you see how blessed we are to have security given to us by the indwelling Holy Spirit?  Check out Ephesians 1 to remind yourself of where we stand in Christ.

….unbeliever, what are you waiting for???  Salvation is Simplenow, before the Rapture.

….everyone, look at how the Gentile Tribulation believer has to

endure (no food or water w/o taking the mark),

persevere (keeping his/her faith in Jesus when the spiritual delusion and deception from this time period is at its utmost),

and help the Jews (up to and possibly including giving his/her life for them).

Try to think back prior to Church Age times when God dealt directly with and only with His Chosen People, Israel.  If a Gentile wanted to know about God and follow God, he had to become a proselyte (convert to Judaism). 

With that understanding, you can see why the Gentile judgment in Matthew 25:31-46 says what it says.  Gentile salvation outside the CA must involve the Jews.   The only thing symbolic in that passage is ‘sheep’ and ‘goats’!!