Tribulation Transition

I’ve often wondered what it will look like when God moves His plan  from the Church Age into the Tribulation. 

I know the general outline:

Current Church Age then

Rapture then

Confirming of a/the Covenant by Israel with the Antichrist kicking off the 7-year Tribulation then

Millennium/Jewish Kingdom then


But I mean the details, like:

Will the Rapture be out of the blue; no sense of its approach?

What about the 7 kingdoms the world will be divided into during the Tribulation?  When will that happen?

Will the Mark of the Beast already be in play while we’re here but still optional; only becoming a requirement at Tribulation midpoint?


I know we believers years ago thought that the European Union was going to play a huge role with 7 member nations. Then 10 member nations.  Now it’s way beyond that and not appearing to be the case. Every time one of our presidents brokered a peace treaty between Israel and one or more of her neighbors we thought, oh boy, here we go. Nope. There have been many other ‘signs’ that we thought were relevant, but always turned out to be duds.

I think that maybe we’ve finally hit upon the right one.

There’s a political/religious/financial/health movement that’s currently underway globally as we speak that causes me to believe that the Tribulation is right around the corner.  And looking back at the earlier mentioned general outline tells us the Rapture then would be even closer!

What movement, you say?

I believe it’s called the Q plan.  In a nutshell, the satanic evil that’s basically ruled the world since Nimrod back in Genesis is about to be ‘overthrown’ by Q and the good guys.  At least, that’s the plan as I understand it.  This small, secretive group of U.S. military folks and politicians has been planning this overthrow since Kennedy’s ‘assassination.’  Years of preparation have led to them choosing Trump to not only be the front man, but to bring it to fruition.  Trump went around the world in 2017 and met with many leaders and got them involved, willingly or not.  So now, after many decades of strategic planning, we’re about to see their end game unfold. 

My understanding is it’s supposed to look something like this:

The end of the satanic cabal/child rape/torture/adrenochrome

The end of corrupt Catholicism/the Pope

The end of most monarchies and many current leaders

The end of the totally controlled leftist media

The end of pharmaceuticals and return to natural health remedies

The end of corrupt political parties

The end of costly energy

The end of war

The end of Central Banks/debt/valueless currency

The end of the wealthy elite ruling class

“Worldwide peace and prosperity”

Basically, that this plan will usher in a 1,000-year time of peace.

All sounds amazing, right?  Where do we sign up?

So why on earth would this raise red flags for me?  Why would this cause me to think bad things are coming and we’re nearing the Rapture?

My first clue was when I read about their so-called millennium.  Biblical, they say.  The problem with that is, as you know, the Millennium isn’t next in God’s timeline — Rapture, Tribulation, Millennium. And even more importantly, when God does usher in the Millennium, it will be with Jesus on the throne, ruling the world from Jerusalem.  Nothing manmade about it.

My second clue was when they said there will still be 209 (or whatever number, I can’t recall) countries in the world once the plan is in place, but they will be divided into 7 kingdoms.  The Bible says there will be 7 kingdoms in the Tribulation, not the Millennium. 

My third clue came today regarding the Jews, which we’ll discuss in a minute, and which is the main point I want to get across to you.

So let’s stop for a minute and tie all this into facts we know from the Bible:

The Tribulation is ‘the time of Jacob’s trouble,’ meaning the Jews/Israel will be persecuted worldwide, right to the brink of annihilation.  It is the time for Jewish refinement and the time for judgment for everyone else.  It is a time where the antichrist will rule over the entire world, possibly benevolently at first, but by its midpoint, reveals his true nature and demands worship as God.  Israel trusts him at the onset of the Tribulation to save them militarily.  From who?  Hmmm. Directly afterwards is the Millennium, God’s long-promised JEWISH Kingdom.

Looking at these facts makes us wonder why.  Why will the world hate Israel?  What could possibly lead to this horrific crime committed by the vast majority of Gentiles living during that time?

(And I say Gentiles because the Church Age ends at the Rapture, taking all believers — the Body of Christ — out of this world.  The Tribulation will be back to God’s prior program where He once again distinguishes between Jews and Gentiles.  No more Church, i.e., sealed believers.)

Well, I believe this movement I’ve been discussing is what’ll cause Gentiles to persecute Jews.

Again, why?  Because before this wonderous manmade time can come, they say the entire world will have to ‘shut down’ for around a week so they can re-educate us about world history.  Apparently, the satanic cabal has been behind every war and almost every president.  It has lied about flat earth/globe earth to keep God out of the picture.  It manipulates and murders for money. It has called evil good and good evil. 

I believe that most of what they’ll be telling us during the ‘big reveal’ will be the truth.  Some of it will not be. 

[And the ugly truth is Satan is not going to be sidelined.  The Tribulation is the time that he’ll be given the most leash.  His power and authority will be almost limitless. (So glad I won’t be here!)]

So it’s possible the good guys will get partially into their plan, but something must go wrong halting it before it can reach the hoped-for conclusion.  (Maybe the Rapture???)

Whatever it is, it’ll be the beginning of the end.

So back to the Jewish persecution.  Why will the world do this?  Because as all this information is given out, the “Jews” will be blamed for World War 1, World War 2, all banking scams, all media lies, all Hollywood evil, etc.  I’m hearing some folks say that this satanic cabal is Israel, the Jews. Not a handful of bad guys of Jewish descent, but all Jews.

I could write much about Jewish history, but only the parts the Bible clarifies.  I’m not sure what happened to the vast majority of the 10 Northern Tribes once they were taken captive to Assyria back in 722 BC.  Did they become the Khazarians, ethnically children of Abraham but removed from God’s plan due to their waywardness/evil behavior?

I know that even Judah, the Southern Kingdom that remained (comprised of Jews from each of the 10 tribes that left the Northern Kingdom before captivity — see David Reagan’s The Ten Lost Tribes) committed atrocities that displeased God yet they remained His Chosen People.

Also, I’m not sure where the Jews went in 70AD when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem.  Did they intermix?  Do they as of today still remain separate ethnically, just waiting to go home?  Are most already in Israel now?

How a Jew will be distinguished from all other ethnicities, I don’t know. Regardless, everyone of Jewish descent will be hated and persecuted. 

So do you agree that maybe we’re nearing the final leg of our journey, believers? Do you see the Millennium connection? The 7 kingdoms connection? The possible (covid-related) mark of the beast? The impetus for worldwide Jewish persecution?

Only time will tell.

Remember this, though.

The Jews are God’s Chosen People, back in the forefront during the Tribulation.

The land God promised them in the Bible is theirs.

The kingdom God promised them in the Bible will come.

The Tribulation will precede it.   

Be very, very careful not to join in the persecution of the Jews at that time for any reason whatsoever — even if your life depends on it. It will affect your salvation/eternity more than you know!  Hint: Matthew 25 is key!

Just a couple more thoughts to add:

So currently we have the ‘Russia invading Ukraine’ scenario going on. Next will probably be China and Taiwan. Then who knows, maybe India, Pakistan, Turkey, EU, whatever. These ‘wars’ will probably realign nations, causing them to line up with the Biblical narrative of the end times.

Now, please keep in mind that they always say ‘Israel is last.’ Though I don’t know what the ‘good guys’ mean by that exactly, I’m guessing it has to do with fixing the corruption in Israel like it did with the prior nations. But let’s say that the Rapture happens prior to this ‘cleanup’ in Israel. Then, with all true believers gone (which I believe most of the white hats are), the Satanic-minded black hats take over the controls and begin the process to annihilate Israel and all God’s people, the Jews.

Hmm, looks like a unified world against Israel, which of course is exactly what the Tribulation is all about.

Just thinking outloud.

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