Why Hebrews is Unsigned

I believe there’s a really good reason why Hebrews is unsigned.  

See if you agree!


Obviously, since it is unsigned, we’ll never know for sure who wrote it, this side of heaven.  The possibilities of its authorship are, actually, limitless due to that fact.  But let’s narrow it down to the probabilities:  it was a disciple of Jesus.  Phew!  That helps.  Now let’s look at Paul specifically.

Paul was the apostle to the Church.  His duty was to explain the mystery of the Church to the world.  He did just that throughout his signed epistles of Romans through Philemon.  These epistles are full of Church Age doctrine.  They are the ONLY place we can go for the right understanding of our time.

But Who Qualified?

Though God gave this ‘Church’ responsibility to Paul, if you’ll remember, Paul was the Hebrew of Hebrews.  With his vast understanding of Jewish law, history, and tradition, he qualified (far above the others, really) to be the apostle to the Jews.  Who better to write a book TO the Hebrews ABOUT their laws and covenants than Paul?!

But doing so would cause confusion.  It would blur the lines between God’s two special people groups:  the non-sealed Jews and the sealed Church.  It would blur the lines between two doctrinally different time periods:  the Jews under the Law and the Church under Grace.


…the probability in my mind is that God had Paul write it but leave it unsigned.


Now, if you’re under the impression that Hebrews is to the Church in the Church Age and you just believe your commentaries that explain away the doctrinal issues with that way of thinking, then this website is for you!  Check it out!

Whoever wrote Hebrews wrote it for the Hebrews — they needed to see how Jesus qualified to be the author of THEIR New Covenant.

(See The New Covenant article for details on this.)